Artisan Lace


With the launch of Margaret’s new book Wrapped in Lace (Interweave Press 2010) we are in the process of re-developing the Artisan Lace site.

To find out more about Margaret’s career and see images of her work please visit her new site Margaret Stove . More information about Artisan Lace and Gossamer yarns can be found at Holland Road Yarn Company

Copies of her earlier books Merino and Creating Original Handknitted Lace are also available from Holland Road Yarn Company

If you would like information on sourcing Artisan Lace and Artisan Gossamer yarn or becoming a distributor please email  for local distribution information.

Current distributors we know have stock on hand include:

New Zealand

Holland Road Yarn Company

Hands, Normans Rd, Christchurch

Ashford Craft Shop and Knitcola Stichery, Ashburton


Ashford Australia

Virginia Farm Wool Works


Fancy Knits Denmark

United States of America

Fantail Fibres

“I realised that I was working established designs without really understanding them - but once you deconstruct the patterns and understand the lace, the world is your oyster in terms of new designs”
Margaret Stove
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